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Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2930
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2930
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2930
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2930
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07 Mar 2020
1 roll

Specification of

TOMBO No.2930 features an expanded graphite (Graseal) core
covered with braided stainless steel, and treated with lubricants,
graphite, and anti-corrosion materials. This adapter packing is
well suited to high temperature and high pressure valves.

1. 100% asbestos-free.
2. Superior sealing performance compared to asbestos products
when used with a Graseal packing.
3. Little differences in performance from cryogenic to high
4. Expanded graphite (Graseal) has chemical resistance
properties second only to PTFE, and can be used with almost
any fluid (with the exception of those listed on page 6).
5. Less weight loss at high temperatures than asbestos packings,
with little stress relaxation.

Temperature -240~400℃ (oxidizing atmosphere, in air)
                        -240~600℃ (non-oxidizing atmosphere)

Max. Pressure  43MPa
                          (when used with a TOMBO No.2930 or other Graseal packing)

Pressure Class 4500

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