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Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 9077
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 9077
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 9077
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 9077
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Specification of Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 9077

This is a chemical use packing composed of carbon fiber yarn
that treated with PTFE dispersion. The standard product is
coil form but molded ring is also available.

1. 100% asbestos-free.
2. Excellent heat resistance
3. Excellent chemical resistance and it can be used with
most chemicals except oxidizing acids.
4. Excellent conformity to shaft allow for good seal
performance at low tightening stress.

Thermal power plants, oil refineries, shipbuilding, chemical
plants, low temperature plants, etc.
General use valves, ductile valves, malleable cast valves,


Water type fluids (water, steam etc.), oil type fluids
(oil, heat transfer oil, etc.), organic solvents,
hydrocarbons, chemical products, corrosive fluids
(other than oxdizing acids) and low temperature fluids.

Ordering Information
Molded Ring - Please specify ring ID, OD, height and
number of rings.
Coil Form - Please specify nominal size and quantity

Max. Temperature -200 ~ 300℃

Max. Pressure 5MPa

Pressure Class 300

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