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Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2305
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2305
Gland Packing Tombo Nichias 2305
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07 Mar 2020
1 roll

Specification of

Tombo 2305 is designed for uses where severe conditions exist and TOMBO 2300 may not be applied. High grade asbestos yarn reinforced with copper wire are pregnated with lubriant and braided into square cross section and thoroughly graphite.

Application: Valves, reciprocating rods, plungers, low speed rotary, shafts etc.

Seal: Steam hot water salt solutions Ammonia gases etc,

Temperature service: up to 400 c

Pressure service: up to 80kgf / cm

Shaft Speed up to 4m / sec

Max PV Value 125 kgf / cm2.m / sec

PH Range 4-12

Standard mm 3.2, 4.8, 6.4, 7.9, 9.5, 11.1, 12.7, 15.9, 19.0, 22.2, 25.4
                 inch 1/8 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8 1

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