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Tirai PVC Curtain Green
Tirai PVC Curtain Green
Tirai PVC Curtain Green
Tirai PVC Curtain Green
Tirai PVC Curtain Green
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02 Jun 2020
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Specification of

PVC STRIP CURTAIN GREEN (Green Plastic Curtain) "ANTI INSECT" Roll Curtain Strip is a pvc material with a flexible and semi-transparent physical shape. It is very suitable for use as room partition, as it helps in maintaining the temperature of certain room. PVC curtains are also used to prevent dust from indoor manufacturing facilities.


• For Welding screen applications as a partial view barrier

• UV Resistance is high

• Designed specifically for filtering harmful ultraviolet rays in welding applications where welding is attached. This can reduce the incidental effect of bright, ultraviolet light from welding arcs.

Advantages of using lane doors:

• Flexible, transparent and economical

• Can be used for indoor and outdoor

• UV protection for use in direct sunlight

• Reduce energy (hot or cold air) losses by 75%

• Few accidents on the doorway

• Increase traffic flow

• Comfortable working environment

• More shelf life for refrigerated products

• Reduced coil icing

• Reduced heating wear

• Reduced filter maintenance

• Noise Reduction

Why use door lanes?

• Largest Selection of Strip Materials Customers can choose 8 different different width path formulations and thicknesses with over 30 combinations of characteristics, including: Ultraviolet, and visible light screening, damping, anti-static, low-temperature, clear and opaque, striped, orange security and color selection opaque

• Full Color

• Many color variations are available

• Temperature Control, containing dust, reduce noise and insect barrier

• Temperature range from -45 to +50 degrees Celsius

Standard Size: 2mm x 20cm x 50meter / 3mm x 30cm x 50meter

We also accept fabrication of PVC Strip Curtain directly so (Put Pasang).

Tirai PVC

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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